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Ðark Wish

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ÐarkWishGM, Jun 15, 11 6:39 PM.
Welcome to Ðark Wish,

My vision for Ðark Wish is a place where friends can hang out and enjoy themselves. There will always be a friendly, fun and positive attitude in the guild chat. Also I imagine this guild as a family. Its not expected that everyone should love each other but treat your guildies as a family. Be helpful. Its understood if your in an instance or BG or are q'd for one, or if your having a bad day or such and just wanna be left alone, but if your just standing around org then go help your guildie please. Everyone once in a while though you will be expected to participate in the guild. Also very important this guild is a mature environment. There will be no age requirements because I believe even the teenagers can be mature, but please show that you are mature. On the topic of maturity profanity will not be punished in the guild chat, but please keep it to minimum as it can get annoying, and also if a guildie asks you not to use profanity in guild chat as they do not like it then please respect their wishes. Lastly as a member of this guild your opinion counts. If a decision is going to be made I or an officer may call for a vote to see what the guild would like to do.

Guild Ranks

All new members will have this rank while we get to know you. We just wanna make sure no assholes, ninjas, or immature drama filled brats slip into our ranks. Note: We will also require you to be level 20 to advance from this rank

Gratzi! Your no asshole, ninja, or whinny brat. =) Note: You must be at least level 40 to advance from this rank

You are either a guild charter signer or have been with us for a few months and we like you.

There will be three officers (this number might increase in the event that the guild grows large enough for more) these will be my assistant guild masters they will help me do many things in running the guild and whenever I may have to stop playing WoW for abit (we all have life issues you know) these kind people will become temporary co-guild masters splitting up my responsibilities among themselves.

Guild Master
Well we all know what that is.

I or one of my officers will be creating a raid group as soon as we have enough level 85s. (If a non-officer volunteers to do this for us that will be great.)

Rated BGs
I or one of my officers will also be creating a group for regular Rated BGs as soon as we have enough level 70s (I believe that's the correct level. Again a non-officer may volunteer to do this.)

This is a place where a guildie can put something they have no need for and another guildie that does have a use for it can take it. Please don't use this as a storage area for yourself or as a place you can put junk. Put useful things in here only please. If you see something in the bank that you can use please feel free to take it that's what its there for. You know what you need.

Welcoming Gift
Each new member will get a welcoming gift of some kind. An officer or I will make sure you get it before your next rank. If you reach member rank and you haven't gotten your gift yet then please let an officer know so we can correct this oversight.

Please keep it out of guild chat none of us want it. If you cause too much drama there will be consequences. Also I think this best goes here so here it is. Real life and the game are separate keep it that way please. All arguing and/or debating should be kept out of guild chat.

Please limit the number of alts you have in the guild.

Once we reach guild level 5 and we have an adequate amount of gold we will be starting guild repairs. Please don't overuse them. If you need to use them then use them, but otherwise don't.

Cash Flow
Guild repairs welcoming gifts and other such things can be expensive. Please donate to the guild bank. You are not required to donate alot but maybe for lower level characters your copper "change" every time you go to the bank, or something like so. I guarantee that even if we only donate a little bit at a time it will add up. So please donate even if its just the smallest amount.

I know I'm probably forgetting something if you can think of something that should be added then please bring it to my attention and if it is deemed necessary it will be added.

Thanks for reading,
Your GM, Ðark =)
Server Status
Dawnbringer (PvE)
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Death Knight
Blood (50)
Frost (50)
Unholy (50)
Balance (50)
Feral (50)
Restoration (50)
Beast Masters (50)
Marksmanship (50)
Survivalists (50)
Arcane (50)
Fire (50)
Frost (50)
Holy (50)
Protection (50)
Retribution (50)
Discipline (50)
Holy (50)
Shadow (50)
Assassination (50)
Combat (50)
Subtlety (50)
Elemental (50)
Enhancement (50)
Restoration (50)
Affliction (50)
Demonology (50)
Destruction (50)
Arms (50)
Fury (50)
Protection (50)
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